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Debt, which is accounts receivable, is actually income to the company that owns it. Bad debt is a loss, directly affecting the bottom line; not only in loss of income to the business, but a loss of something far more valuable. The loss of a customer!

No business can afford to lose customers… No business can afford bad debt.

It has become a standard in American business policy to accept certain rates of bad debt, and to apply these industry standards to their receivables, spreading the cost of this loss over the balance of the portfolio, essentially making the cost of conducting business more expensive.

Many collection firms are satisfied with a 20% rate of recovery, skimming the "low hanging fruit," and leaving 80% of the bad debt virtually ignored forever, unless secondary placement is used. This write off would add to the net income and earnings per share directly. Even considering a 50% collection fee, the actual savings are real dollars, and increases EPS on a dollar for dollar basis. There simply is no acceptable amount of write off. We consider that all debt is collectable, either now or at some point in the future.

With United Obligations managing your receivables, you can use our name after death and taxes, and feel confident that you have done all you can to recover a bad debt.

We collect what others can't. Here's how we do it!

  • Arrow Comprehensive Research
  • Arrow Judgement Enforcement and Collection
  • Arrow No Fee Guarantee unless we collect
  • Arrow We take all sized clients, including single debt submissions

There simply is no acceptable amount of write off.


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