More than a Debt Collection Firm

United Obligations Provides Full Service Accounts Receivable Management With a Human Touch

For over 20 years, United Obligations has been helping small businesses like yours improve the bottom line. We are a very different debt collection agency. Not only do we collect your outstanding receivables, but we partner with you to look at your entire credit and collection practice.

The best debt collection is the one you never have to make, and towards that end, we work with our clients to improve their credit and collections process from start to finish. In some cases, we have helped our clients decrease the number of accounts they have to send out for collection. In many cases, we have helped our clients maximize their chances of recovery on collection accounts.

Our “no fee until we collect” guarantee makes it easy and cost effective for our clients to submit business to us. We have no minimum number of accounts. We will take one account, or thousands!
One size does not fit all! We get to know you, and create a collection program that marries your company culture with your collection goals.

Successful debt collection relies on the ability to locate people and assets, and we are very proud of our research capabilities. We have real people, not computer programs, doing research for our clients.

We work professionally and treat your customers with respect, while never losing focus on our goal – to get you paid!

We keep working on files, long after other collection firms give up. Our persistence pays off. Our clients consistently tell us we outperform our competition – and that we’re a very different debt collection agency.

Debt Collection

  • No fee until we collect
  • Persistent and professional
  • No minimum number of files – one or many
  • No minimum balance


Local Focus Gets Results
We are both small business owners and consumers in the markets we service. You get the perfect mix of technology and personal contact for best results. We learn about your business and your collection goals and design the program that works best for your needs. Real people, not computer programs, research your debtors. We pride ourselves on our track record of finding people and their assets and skillfully negotiating, the best repayment solutions.


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