Bad Debt Collection & Receivable Management for Small Business
Guaranteed to Collect or NO COST


Why should you choose United Obligations? How many debt collection firms can say that they turn debtors into clients? We can! One of our first debt collection clients was a gentleman who owed a large medical bill we were collecting from him. Once he finished paying off his bill, he told us he liked our approach, and asked us if we would collect for his local contracting firm.

That happened in 2004. In the years that have followed, it has happened again and again.

We started out as a small business collections agency, and soon realized it would be more successful working for small businesses. We offered our clients assistance with professional receivables management, along with basic bad debt collection services.

Small business people are also consumers. Many owe money and are also owed money. Most people want to pay what they owe, and will pay if they are treated with respect. On the client side, small business customers not only want collection expertise, they want a partner who can look at their overall business and help them make better credit decisions.

Our clients want to know how to improve cash flow. Our approach to bad debt recovery is all about seeing the big picture. What makes a file collectible? What kind of research is needed to locate someone and their assets? What tools and techniques will assist with the process?

Each client is unique and each of their files is unique, as well. Before we begin a collection, we understand our clients’ collection goals, and come up with the approach that will bring the best results.
Our high quality research team is expert at finding people and their assets – a prerequisite for collection success. If needed, we access a network of experienced collection attorneys to assist with litigation. We work closely with these attorneys to continue collection efforts post judgment.

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