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Guaranteed to Collect or no cost


No cost to you until we collect! This promise is music to our clients’ ears.
You work hard and deserve to be paid. Our debt collection services use the perfect mix of technology and personal contact to get results. We learn about your business and your collection goals and design the program that works best for your business needs.

Bad debt is a loss, directly affecting the bottom line; not only in loss of income to the business, but a loss of something far more valuable – the loss of a customer! No business can afford to lose customers. No business can afford bad debt.

It has become a standard in American business policy to accept certain rates of bad debt, and to apply these industry standards to their receivables, spreading the cost of this loss over the balance of the portfolio, essentially making the cost of conducting business more expensive.

Many collection firms are satisfied with a 20% rate of recovery, skimming the “low hanging fruit,” and leaving 80% of the bad debt virtually ignored forever. There simply is no acceptable amount of write off. We consider that virtually debt is able to be recovered.

We keep working on files, long after other collection firms give up. Our persistence pays off – our clients consistently tell us we outperform our competition.

As small business owners AND consumers in the local markets we serve, we are uniquely qualified to understand both sides of the transaction. Real people, not computer programs, research debtors and we pride ourselves on our ability to find people and their assets. We are skilled negotiators, trained to work with your customers to find the best repayment solution.

If needed, we can tap into a network of local attorneys to obtain and execute judgments.

Call or email us today to discuss collection of your

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Judgments
  • Bad Checks

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