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Thank you for your interest in United Obligations. We have been helping our customers with their financial needs for over 12 years.

We had witnessed, first hand, the difficulties our hardworking small business clients faced trying to recover bad debt. On the other hand, as small business owners and consumers, we had experienced the difficulty most Americans face in juggling too many bills and too little time and money.

We spoke to small business owners about their experiences with debt collectors. They told horror stories about alienated customers, automated phone calls and large, upfront fees. We learned that many debt collection firms operate by the numbers, taking in as many accounts as they can, collecting the low hanging fruit and, after an initial effort, leaving the majority of accounts to die on the vine.
There had to be a better way to collect bad debt. Most people genuinely want to pay their debts. We believed – and do more than ever – that fair debt collection practices, treating people in a professional and compassionate way, gets results.

We also learned that many small businesses get so busy running their day to day operations that they miss some basic steps in setting up and maintaining their credit practices. By partnering with my clients to improve their credit practices, and working with them to establish accounts receivable best practices, we saw an opportunity to improve our collection results and the cash flow for my clients.

We designed our debt collection firm to specialize in small to medium professional practices, as well as artesan and trade professionals in each of our local markets:

Greater Portland Area (ME); Bangor Area (ME); Mid-Coast (ME); New Hampshire; Vermont & New Jersey (Including the Greater NY Metro Area)

Our clients are not major corporations. They are hardworking local business and healthcare professionals who also have bills to pay. They hire local people and buy local goods. Many, like us, are entrepreneurs whose businesses rely on people paying for goods and services provided. Some have staff dedicated to credit and collections, while others do it all themselves.

We are dedicated to providing levels of services that meet the individual needs of our clients. We’ll collect one debtor file or a thousand. We get paid only when we get results. We’ll serve as the outsourced accounts receivable department or train in-house staff in accounts receivable management best practices.

Fair debt collection. It’s fair for both our clients and their customers and patients.

We would love to talk to you about your credit and collections. We learn so much from communicating with our clients and establishing relationships with our new ones.

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